American plans Le Mans museum

The first Grand Prix took place at Le Mans in 1906 - not that you would know it when you visit the city, which is now famous for its annual 24 Hour sports car event. Officials from the Automobile Club de l'Ouest have recently approved the design for a museum for Le Mans, which will if built be the work of Kansas University architecture professor Dennis Sander. There is currently a small museum at Le Mans but Sander wants to create a startling new facility which will be around 65ft in the air and will snake above the ground. It will include two IMAX cinemas and a series of other display areas, including the main gallery where 120 cars would be displayed. The facility would include a merchandising area and an area where car launches and presentations would be made.

The only slight problem is that the French want Professor Sander to raise estaimated $200m needed for construction. he is hoping that car companies and rich patrons of the automobile world will help him raise the cash needed.

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