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MAY 25, 2005

Peace reigns

BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Renault and Toyota have issued a press statement saying that their recent release after the BAR Honda affair has been "interpreted as calling into question the FIA's governance of Formula 1 motor sport and the independence of the FIA Court of Appeal". The statement adds that "this was not the case".

The manufacturers went on to explain that "as part of their proposals for the future of Grand Prix motor racing post-2007, the manufacturers simply wanted to state their intentions as to governance, which is one of their subjects for discussion with the FIA".

The manufacturers are obviously not wanting to be drawn into a fight with the FIA, which might have developed after the recent briefing document regarding sports governance.

Given the FIA's desire to show the world that the Court of Appeal is independent of the FIA it was rather a bizarre move to have the arguments about the FIA's powers put forward by none other than David Ward, the man who runs the FIA Court of Appeal and is Secretary-General of the FIA Foundation.

Whatever the case, the manufacturers did not want to get drawn into a fight over governance.

Peace reigns - for the moment.