Grand Prix teams to have Pinewood Derby

The Formula 1 teams are to have a race of different kind at Magny-Cours this year. Each team is to be given kits to create Pinewood Derby cars and these will be raced against one another at an event in the build up to the big race.

The Pinewood Derby is an American tradition, started by the Boy Scouts of America, in which competitors are given a small block of pinewood with two notches for wheels, four plastic wheels and four nails (to act as axles). They must then construct the fastest car possible to run on a three-lane track which slopes down to the ground. The cars can only be powered by gravity and must use all nine of the parts. There are minimum dimensions and a minimum weight but beyond that any design is acceptable.

The idea is certain to create much interest as the F1 designers are given little leeway with their Grand Prix machines but can let their imaginations go with the wooden cars.

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