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MAY 1, 2005

Now, there's an idea!

Developers are planning to build an indoor racing circuit in Plainfield, Connecticut - and have just won zoning approval for the project from the town. The town has voted to change the 900-acre site to be part of a "resort/recreational development zone."

The plan is to build a 140,000 seat speedway to be called New England Raceway. The $343m project would include a one-mile oval racetrack, a convention centre, a 700-room hotel and retail complex and the plan is to attract NASCAR Nextel, Busch, Indy and Champ Car events to the domed facility, in addition to concerts and trade shows. The plan would also include national level drag racing. The plan is for the track to boost the economy of the region. The promoters are saying the project would create 5000 jobs in retail, entertainment, lodging, management and construction and would bring in tens of millions of dollars in state tax revenues.