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APRIL 28, 2005

Promotion - a clue for F1

The art of promotion is something which has got lost in the megabytes, interfaces and political intrigue of modern Formula 1 and it is perhaps worth the sport taking a look at what the new World Touring Car Championship is doing in its efforts to woo new spectators and new interest. The series, which is run by Marcello Lotti and the Kigema Sport Organisation, has come up with the idea of having a Patron for each race and, for example, will have French cycling hero Richard Virenque at Magny-Cours this weekend, Virenque will hang out in the paddock, join drivers in an autograph sessions for the fans (now there's a thought) and will perform other functions, presumably along the same lines as in the United States where stars wave flags, say "Start your engines" or hand out the trophies. F1 went through a short phase along those lines but has since left it all to blazer-wearing automobile club officials.

Being a good promoter and being able to make a lot of money are two different talents.