How tobacco can still help F1

The French Grand Prix has come up with another new idea about how to promote the event and has done a deal with 1000 of the country's 32,000 tobacconists and, for the first time ever, they will be selling F1 tickets to their customers. The plan is a precursor for opening up the tobacco kiosks to sell tickets for concerts and other big events. The tobacconists involved will get a commission on every ticket sold with the biggest seller in France being invited along to Magny-Cours as VIP guest.

Tickets in tobacco shops will go on sale on May 1 and will be available until June 6.

According to Jacques Regis, the president of the Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile, which promotes the event, ticket sales this year are up by 27% so far and if that trend continues the Grand Prix should be able to meet its target of having at least 75,000 people on race day. The race attracted 70,000 last year and an extra 27% would take the total up to just short of 100,000 which would give the FFSA money to invest in the future. In order to make more money, however, the race needs more people as the increase is sales has been achieved in part by cutting prices.

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