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APRIL 21, 2005

A change for qualifying?

The Formula 1 teams want to get together in Imola to discuss the qualifying format but they do not want any meeting to be confused with the separate issue of the 2008 regulations. The proposal they wish to put forward is, we believe, for a single qualifying session on Saturdays, with a completely new format. We hear that this has come out of the discussions that have been going on over the plans for the 2008 series.

The idea appears to have the support of Bernie Ecclestone, who wants to improve the coverage of qualifying, but it remains to be seen whether anything will come of this as it will take unanimous agreement for any changes to happen this year and that is sure to lead to demands for concessions on other matters.

Our understanding is that the teams have agreed that they are not willing to negotiate in this way and thus the likely of change must be seen as being minimal.