The FIA lays down the law

The FIA has issued a statement after its meeting this morning with Ferrari, Red Bull and Jordan which seems to indicate that the federation intends to try to make rules without the current Concorde Agreement. The statement say that the 2008 Formula One Technical Regulations will be finalised no later than May 27, for inclusion in the dossier for the World Motor Sport Council to be held on June 29. Subject the approval of the FIA World Motor Sport Council, the draft will be circulated on July 1 to all the main stakeholders in Formula One including: Formula One Management; race organisers; race promoters; current Formula One drivers; potentially competing teams; potential engine suppliers; potential tyre suppliers; other significant suppliers and any credible potential stakeholder which requests a copy.

Stakeholders will be invited to submit written comments no later than July 31 2005. These comments will be considered by the FIA in consultation with all stakeholders who confirm their commitment to the 2008 FIA Formula One World Championship. A final draft will then be prepared, taking into account all comments received. This must be ready no later than September 23 for inclusion in the dossier for the World Motor Sport Council meeting to be held on October 26. The final version approved by the WMSC will then be submitted to the FIA General Assembly in Rome on October 28.

This reaction will no doubt cause a reaction from the teams, who are working to a different schedule on the understanding that the FIA cannot make rules without them being involved. This means that almost certainly there will need to be legal action to establish what the Concorde Agreement means.

It is perhaps best that this is done sooner rather than later.

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