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APRIL 6, 2005

Another job for Dudot

Bernard Dudot is not retiring, despite the fact that 66-year-old French engineer has now left the employment of Renault F1. It seems that Dudot's departure from Renault is more to do with the mandatory retirement age in France rather than any desire on his part to stop working. The move to GP2, of course, takes Dudot to Switzerland where retirement issues are not an issue, particularly when the job is with a privately-owned company.

Dudot's role at GP2 will be as head of engineering, which is quite a big job at the moment as some of the teams have been complaining of problems with the new cars, engines and gearboxes. Dudot will oversee all technical decisions, which will probably not please Didier Perrin, who is supposed to be GP2 technical director.