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APRIL 1, 2005

Trouble at the BRDC

As we reported last week there has been some pushing and shoving in British Racing Drivers' Club circles in recent days with Sir Jackie Stewart and the board being asked to stand down by the regional coordinators of the club after a recent meeting at the RAC Club in London. The coordinators had requested the meeting because of discontent registered from members. The board rejected the demand on the grounds that it was unconstitutional to request its resignation. As a result of this the regional coordinators sent round questionnaires to the members to establish whether Stewart and the board have the support of the members. This appears to have indicated that there is considerable discontent and it looks likely that the problem will now go an Extraordinary General Meeting at which there will be a vote on the matter. All parties are now keen to collect votes.

The whole business is doing nothing for the image of the club which has serious fundamental problems, not least the fact that it is failing to attract new membership from the younger generations of racing drivers.