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MARCH 25, 2005

The future of Melbourne - and Adelaide

Australasian Motorsport News is reporting that Formula 1 could be on its way back to Adelaide if the current battle between Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management and the manufacturers results in a new series. Ron Walker's close links with Ecclestone have seen the Australian Grand Prix Corporation chairman come out strongly in favour of Bernie's cause over recent months, counselling other promoters to avoid a manufacturers' series.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann's current public stance is a simple "no comment", but reliable sources have told the magazine that preliminary conversations have taken place and that the South Australian government, which acted swiftly to secure the race in 1985, is looking favourably at the idea.

The event might not be able to be called the Australian Grand Prix as this title is reserved for the event so nominated to the FIA by Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) on an annual basis (currently Albert Park) but it could be the Adelaide Grand Prix or South Australian Grand Prix as there are no restrictions on the use of Grand Prix. Having said that if the manufacturers were to stage a race in Adelaide it would probably be in the best interest of CAMS to throw its lot in with the South Australians rather than pinning their colour to a rival event in Albert Park.