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MARCH 23, 2005

Sauber considers third car option

Peter Sauber says that the team is considering running a third car but needs a driver with money in order to make that happen. The Swiss team has struggled to be competitive in the two races this year and it seems that the engineers have concluded that they are at a disadvantage because they do not run a third car on Fridays. The third car has more mileage available than the race cars because the drivers do not have to worry about engines and tyres and that means that more set-up can be achieved. It is also vital in establishing the right tyres for the rest of the weekend.

There is no obvious candidate for the Sauber third drive. The team would prefer no doubt to have a driver with previous F1 experience however by admitting that the team is thinking about it, Sauber has in effect asked for candidates to put themselves forward.