Sauber clarifies

Team Sauber Petronas put out a short statement on Saturday afternoon in which it distanced itself from the press release of the F1 teams with regard to Ferrari's testing. Coincidentally, Sauber's cars will not run without engines, which are supplied to the Swiss team by Ferrari, although they are disguised with a Sauber Petronas badge.

Although Peter Sauber himself is not saying much on the subject, Ron Dennis of McLaren remarked on Saturday afternoon when asked about the situation that "Peter Sauber was feeling pain in Brazil last year and he is still feeling that pain now. Do I have to spell it out for you?"

There is no doubt, however, that although all the teams knew about the release and had agreed in principle to it, there were several who did not know that it was going to be published. This glitch has not helped matters but it deos not seem to have had any obvious effect on the resolve of the group to push ahead with their plans to start a new World Championship if a deal cannot be struck with the current authorities.

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