Nine teams attack Ferrari (again)

Rubens Barrichello, Malaysian GP 2005

Rubens Barrichello, Malaysian GP 2005 

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The nine teams who have not signed up to the new Concorde Agreement have issued a press release attacking Ferrari's decision to increase its testing programme beyond previous deals between the teams. It is clear from this action that Ferrari is trying to put pressure on the teams to break up and go their own ways on testing. Once again, however, Ferrari seems to have failed to understand the mood amongst the other teams.

"We are more together than we have ever been," said a leading light of the nine teams. "And this is only going to add to our resolve. They are going to test as much as they like. We are going to keep to our agreement. If they win their victories will have less credibility because they will have had an unfair advantage. If that is how they want to win that is up them but they are undermining themselves."

The nine teams have requested that Ferrari reconsider its position and act in a responsible manner to support this valuable cost-saving initiative.

A response is expected from Ferrari shortly.

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