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MARCH 15, 2005

The Mexican A1 Grand Prix announcement

Mexico is to have a team in the A1 Grand Prix series, the franchise having been acquired by businessmen Juan Cortina and Julio Jauregui. Among those at the launch was Champ Car driver Mario Dominguez, although the plan at the moment appears to be to have five Mexican drivers as part of the team, taking part in different events, depending on their availability and their speed. The A1 structure is for teams to be allowed to run two cars in practice and then race with the faster of the two. Another name which is being linked to the project is that of Jo Ramirez, who for many years was a leading figure with the McLaren F1 team. The launch of the Mexican car took place at the Hipodromo de Las Americas in Mexico City.

Dominguez is due to drive the Mexican A1 car at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City today.