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MARCH 9, 2005

Melbourne aims for April 30

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation chairman Ron Walker says that his preferred date for next year's event would be April 30, several weeks later than usual. This would probably affect the weather slightly, with more likelihood of rain, but would avoid the Commonwealth Games, which will be held in the city between March 15-29. This will present some difficulties in scheduling because usually by the end of April the World Championship is back in Europe. The need for the delay will mean that Australia is the fourth or fifth race of the year. Juggling Malaysia and Bahrain will be easy enough but fitting in another non-European race before Melbourne will not be easy as China and Japan are too far north to make it possible to host events at that time of year. The idea of going out to Malaysia and Bahrain and then going back to Europe before going out to Australia will not go down well with the F1 teams. The matter will be discussed when Australian GP boss Ron Walker comes to Europe later this month for talks with Bernie Ecclestone.