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MARCH 4, 2005

Cut the crap gentlemen

The tiresome wrangling between Minardi and the FIA grinds on. The team went to court on Friday evening to get an injunction which would allow him to race. The Supreme Court of the state of Victoria has granted the team an interim injunction to allow it participate. Now the FIA is saying that Minardi has withdrawn the complaint. Presumably this has been done because team boss Paul Stoddart has got what he wanted. There seems to be no other logical explanation as to why he would suddenly give up and stop all action. Unfortunately we were unwilling to contact Stoddart in the middle of the night in Australia to find out the truth of what is going on.

However, we believe that the soap opera needs to stop in order for all the participants to avoid boring the race fans to death.

Grand Prix racing, lest we forget, is about cars going round in circles, rather than lawyers, team bosses and other sundry people getting dizzy over arcane arguments.

All further arguments should be conducted in courts away from races so that we can ignore them until there is a clear winner.