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MARCH 4, 2005

Dear Jean

All this messing about with Formula 1 politics may not be doing Ferrari any good. Team boss Jean Todt may be willing to be uncompromising in his views on rule changing in F1 but the attitude is not helping the team's cause - at least not if one reads the amusing Internet site The F1 preview for the season ahead reads as follows:

"In an unprecedented move, the FIA has already announced that Ferrari is the winner of the 2005 F1 championship. Freed of the pressure to aim for the driver's and constructor's title, the tedious Man United of motorsport is now free to devote all of its time to being a bunch of arrogant double crossing shits. Spies say Schumacher simply cannot be arsed with the new season and has replaced himself with a scary bionic half-robot from the future. Happily no one has noticed."