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FEBRUARY 28, 2005

A big change in F1

There are a major series of changes to the procedures for incidents and restarts in Formula 1 this year, with the possibility that the race can be "suspended". If this happens the red flags will be shown and the cars will line up on the track near the pitlane. The timing will continue. The Safety Car will be driven to the front of this line. During the period of suspension teams may work on the cars although refuelling is forbidden.

The race suspension will be as short a period of time as is possible. The resumption time will be indicated on the timing monitors and teams will always get a minimum of 10 minutes before a race is resumed. Any car not ready to resume must start from the back of the grid or from the pitlane. The race will be resumed behind the Safety Car although this will go into the pits after one lap.

In future the Safety Car may lead the field down the pitlane if there is an obstacle on the start-finish straight. Cars may stop at their garages if they chose to do so when the cars pass.

There is also a change to the starting procedures to avoid wasted time. If there is a problem with a car on the grid after the final parade lap the race director will decide whether to delay the start or simply have an extra formation lap. That decision will be signalled with lights. In he case of an extra formation lap green lights will come on two seconds after the start has been aborted. There will also be a board indicating an "Extra Formation Lap". When this happens the race will be shortened by a lap. If the race director decides that the start should be delayed the cars will stay where they are and a new parade lap will begin five minutes later.