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FEBRUARY 26, 2005

Midland sponsorship

The new Jordan Midland F1 car was unveiled in Moscow on Friday with tobacco brand Sobranie on the cars. Sobranie has appeared on the Jordans before and is a brand owned by Benson & Hedges. It remains to be seen whether or not the tobacco branding will be seen at races after August 1 when new legislation comes into effect in Britain and Europe. The cars also carried Moscow 2012 logos, supporting the city's bid for the Olympic Games although these will become superfluous after July when the International Oympic Committee decides on the venue. Paris is expected to get the Games ahead of challenges from London, New York, Moscow and Madrid. Once that decision is made it is likely that at least one of the cities which does not win will bid for a Grand Prix. London and New York have both been rumoured as possible venues, as has Moscow.

The team is being funded largely by new owner Alex Shnaider who says he is investing $100m a year in the team.