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FEBRUARY 19, 2005

Shnaider lobbies for F1 in Toronto

The Canadian Grand Prix has been in Montreal since the 1970s and has survived thanks to the successes of Gilles Villeneuve and his son Jacques. But now it seems Alex Shnaider wants to take the race to Toronto, where he is involved with Donald Trump in a major real estate development. An event in Toronto would, no doubt, be used to promote this. Shnaider seems to have endless amounts of money to spend but like many in the past he is spending it oddly, the decision to go racing this year with two rookies is widely seen as a bad mistake. The Canadian Grand Prix started out at Mosport Park near Toronto in the 1960s. It was also held at Mont Tremblant.

If Toronto is to have a new race track it would inevitably have to be a street event along the lines of Melbourne. This would not be new as Champ Cars have been racing in the city for years.