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FEBRUARY 16, 2005

The views of Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan is a former Formula 1 team boss and thus his opinions do not carry as much weight as perhaps once they might have done. When all is said and done, he no longer has a vote. He has voted with his wallet and one is forced to ask why EJ is talking so positively about Bernie Ecclestone's proposals to the teams for the period 2008 to 2012 given that he did not stick around as a team owner and benefit from them.

The other point worth noting is that the other team bosses are obviously still to be convinced about the merits of Ecclestone's offer otherwise they would not have bothered waiting to hear what the GPWC is proposing.

Given these two facts one must ask what Jordan is now up to.

There was some talk not long ago of Jordan being given a role as some sort of F1 ambassador after he left his team, working to link F1 with the world of show business and music. Perhaps this is the start of Eddie's new career as a public relations man?