Coulthard realistic about 2005

David Coulthard is not one of those racing drivers who is blinded by his hopes and admits that the 2005 season is going to be a tough one for his new team Red Bull Racing. The 33-year-old Scotsman says that to think that Red Bull will be able to win races this year would be "a pipe dream" but says that if the team is built up in the right way there is no reason why it cannot be successful in the longterm future.

The RB1 is a rebadged version of the car that would have been the Jaguar R6, which was nearing completion when Red Bull took over the team.

"I've inherited a car and engine from a previous management and really this year will be putting in the foundations for the future," said team boss Christian Horner.

The team is still to confirm who will be Coulthard's partner in the races this year but it is expected that at the start of the year the second race drive will be given to Austrian Christian Klien. If he does not perform well enough the job will be handed on to Formula 3000 Champion Vitantonio Liuzzi.

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