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FEBRUARY 7, 2005

Mika Hakkinen's Formula 1 future

There are lots of reports today about how Mika Hakkinen has given up on a return to Formula 1. This coincides neatly with the announcement of the latest Mercedes-Benz DTM announcement. However, careful investigation of what the Finn actually said to Finland's Italehti newspaper reveals that he did not say that he will not test F1 cars.

Asked if he will race F1 again he said "Of course it's over. Write that! I am ready to sign that. I am now 36 years old. I'm not young any more. Age is inevitably becoming an issue. It is impossible to think that I would drive in F1 for example in the 2006 season, because all the time the day is drawing nearer when my reactions become slower, my vision weakens and so on. That's the law of nature."

The interviewer seems to have missed the subtle loophole in the comment. He might not drive in F1 in 2006 and he might never race in F1 again.

But does that mean that Mika will not test drive in F1 in 2005?