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FEBRUARY 1, 2005

Faure discusses the GPWC

Renault F1 boss Patrick Faure was not very keen on discussing the GPWC situation at the launch of the new Renault R25 and called for those involved in F1 to stop fighting battles in the media.

"It is so complicated that I do not want to elaborate too much," he said. "We have signed a document of what we want. In no way are we willing to compromise on these proposals. It is not an act of war against the FIA. It is saying: 'Let us work together'. The worst thing is for F1 to have emotional discussions rather than rational discussion. We have plenty of time. If necessary we will start our own championship but I still think we should stop having all this discussion in public. What is important in F1 is what happens on the track this year."

This is a sensible attitude in many ways - apart from the fact that last week the manufacturers put out a very public statement laying out what they wants for the future - and thus perpetuated the public nature of the debate.