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DECEMBER 22, 2004

Sauber and Certina - not a big deal

Sauber has announced a small deal with the Swiss watch brand, Certina, but the branding will not appear on the car in 2005. As part of the deal Certina will equip all the team's members with watches while in return Certina will receive "a number of marketing services, including worldwide visibility for the brand". It is not clear what this means but all will become clear in the months ahead.

Certina is a barnd which belongs to the Swatch Group and it is worth speculating that the Swiss company might be bidding for the right to be the official sponsor of F1 timing. The role has been empty since TAG Heuer quit at the end of last year.

Sauber is still to name a replacement for Red Bull and, according to our sources, the engine cover is still available at the moment.