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DECEMBER 16, 2004

French GP bids for British spectators

The Federation Francaise du Sport Automobile has announced the prices for tickets for the French Grand Prix and some of the other European races are going to have to sit up and take notice. The cheapest ticket for the July 3 race at Magny-Cours will be just $84. This will give spectators access to the circuit and to the spectator mounds at the back of the track. The tickets must be purchased before February 15.

The tickets for the British GP on July 10 also went on sale this week and the cheapest deal for a ticket is $184 for a three-day ticket. If you want a seat at Silverstone the cheapest you can hope for is $269 while at Magny-Cours the cheapest three-day ticket with a seat is $227.

"Our aim is to bring Formula 1 to a wider audience", said Jacques Regis, President of the FFSA, promoter of the Grand Prix. "The sport needs to generate more enthusiasm and attract new spectators. We believe that bringing down the prices will help achieve this."