Jordan and Midland

Giorgio Pantano, Belgian GP  2004

Giorgio Pantano, Belgian GP 2004 

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Representatives of Midland F1 were spotted recently visiting Jordan Grand Prix, presumably having a look at what Eddie Jordan has to offer, and there is talk that the Russians may decide to buy the team rather than setting up their own operation from scratch. This makes a great deal of sense given that it would provide them with a ready-made staff of people and facilities which can be improved upon. There are some sources who say that the deal is already down while others say that the whole thing is a manoeuvre by Jordan to push up the price of the team and that Jordan has only one bidder: Christian Horner's Arden International. These negotiations have been dragging on for weeks and Horner is believed to have made his final offer to Jordan and is now waiting to see if the Irishman will take it or leave it. Jordan can go on holding out for more money but risks Horner walking away. That would mean that unless another buyer appears Eddie Jordan would either have to shut the team down or keep it afloat with his own money. Neither option is very attractive.

Rumours of a Midland sponsorship deal with Aeroflot seem to rely on Yeltsin family connections but they are not as close as some stories are suggesting as there appears to be some confusion over the team's latest signing, Boris Yeltsin Jr.

President Yeltsin has two daughters and six grandchildren: three of the grandchildren are boys. According to our sources, Yeltsin's elder daughter Elena, who is married to Valery Okulova, the head of Aeroflot, has one son called Ivan. Yeltsin's younger daughter Tatyana Dyachencko, who was an political powerbroker when Yeltsin was in power, has two sons: Boris and Gleb.

Boris Jr (23) will no doubt be a useful addition to Midland F1. The name will certainly open doors around the world and he will be quite capable of dealing with foreign sponsors and doing promotional work, thanks in part to his expensive education at Britain's famous Winchester College.

At the moment the question of drivers at Jordan remains open with the only man being mentioned openly being Robert Doornbos, although Jordan to believed to be asking the Dutchman for more than $9m for the drive. There is talk that Midland is keen to sign Mexico's Mario Dominguez in 2006, although presumably he will bring money as his Champ Car results do not suggest that he would be frontrunner in F1.

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