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DECEMBER 15, 2004

Red Bull playing games

The Red Bull company has always milked Formula 1 for all the publicity available and we believe that this is probably what is now happening in relation to the two drives which are supposed to be available with Red Bull Racing. The team may well have made its decisions about the year ahead but is keeping the decision to itself and letting the media run report after report on the subject and thus give the publicity-thirsty drinks company more coverage than would be the case if an announcement was made. This is not unusual for Red Bull.

The big question, of course, is who will be in the cars and we believe that David Coulthard will certainly be one driver and no other experienced drivers seem to be in the frame. We hear that there is no reality to the rumours about Alexander Wurz, even if the tall Austrian is publicly admitting that he cannot fit into the new McLaren-Mercedes chassis and so the other two men in the picture are Tonio Liuzzi and Christian Klien.