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DECEMBER 15, 2004

Can a DTM driver be a third driver in F1?

The Formula 1 calendar now seems to be sorted out and we are waiting to see a final version of the DTM calendar to establish whether or not it is possible for a driver to take part in both the DTM and to be the third driver for a Formula 1 team. This could be important given that McLaren is planning to run a third car at races in 2005 and the identity of the driver could depend on clashing commitments in DTM. There are two drivers who might be affected: Mika Hakkinen and Jamie Green, both of whom have signed for Mercedes in the DTM but both of whom have also been linked to test drives in F1. Green's decision to race in DTM rather than GP2 surprised a lot of people and suggested that there was more to the DTM deal than met the eye while Hakkinen's possible F1 work has been denied by McLaren despite very well-sourced rumours.

At the moment there is some overlap with the DTM race at Oschersleben planned for June 12. This falls on the same day as the Canadian GP. The second Hockenheim DTM race is planned could also be a problem as it is planned for October 16, the same day as the Chinese GP.

Having said that, the Norisring has just announced that it is moving its race from July 10 to July 17 to avoid a clash with the British GP. The other races may now follow suit.