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DECEMBER 13, 2004

A new structure at Michelin

Michelin has announced that Pierre Dupasquier will be retiring at the end of 2005 and will hand over his responsibilities as head of the Competition Department to Frederic Henry-Biabaud. Dupasquier is 67 and has been at the forefront of the tyre companies competition activities since 1973. Four years later Dupasquier led Michelin into F1 to launch Grand Prix racing's first radial tyres and in the years that followed Michelin won three Drivers' titles and two Constructors' Championships. At the end of 1984 Michelin withdrew and Dupasquier was appointed vice-president of product development for Michelin in the United States. He stayed for six years but then returned to his former role and in 1999 finally convinced Michelin management to go back to F1.

The rumoured changes in the Michelin F1 department have also gone ahead with Pascal Vasselon has been promoted to a new position in North America, handing over the F1 department to Nick Shorrock with Dr Patrick Cohen becoming technical manager. Shorrock will look after the operational side of the F1 programme and will manage relations with partner teams and represent the company is talks over future regulations.