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DECEMBER 6, 2004

Coulthard to sign for Red Bull Racing

David Coulthard has had a seat fitting with Red Bull Racing and will appear at the test later this week in Jerez de la Frontera and we believe that the team will announce before that the Scotsman has signed a deal with the team. The big question now is whether or not the team will put Christian Klien in the second car or whether it will go for Tonio Liuzzi, who has shown much more pace in testing, despite not having the experience of the Austrian. The outcome of that decision will indicate whether or not the team is serious about getting the best possible drivers or whether it is being swayed by national pressures from Austria.

The team may try to offer Liuzzi a testing role but the young Italian probably feels that by now he has done enough to prove his worth and will not be satisfied with a test drive. This would leave him available to Jordan and perhaps even for Williams, which still has a seat open. The team was thinking of testing him a few weeks ago.