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NOVEMBER 30, 2004

Briscoe bound for America?

Ryan Briscoe's chances of racing in Formula 1 seem to be fading with Jordan having decided not to run the Toyota test driver in a test this autumn. It seems that the team is not convinced that it wants to run Briscoe in 2005 as he has not done enough in his career to make him an obvious choice for an F1 drive. The latest rumours say that the Australian is heading off to the United States to get a drive with Toyota in the Indy Racing League where there will be several cars available as a number of teams are expanding in an effort to get more testing mileage.

The identity of the Jordan drivers remain a mystery although Dutchman Christian Albers is down to test one of the cars at some point soon.

The main focus at the moment appears to be to sort out who will own the team next year although the technical departments are pushing ahead with the 2005 programme rather than waiting to see what happens.