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NOVEMBER 29, 2004

Davison steps up his bid for F1

Will Davison says that his test with Minardi has inspired him to try to restart his racing career in Europe, which stalled last season when money for his drive in British Formula 3 ran out, despite the fact that the young Australian had three podium finishes at the start of the year.

"To get to and succeed in Formula 1 you have to have many things going in your favour, but first and foremost you have to have what it takes to compete and succeed at that level," Davison said. "I was a little apprehensive before the test with Minardi, particularly as my British F3 season was cut short due to a shortage of funds and I have spent the last few months driving V8 Supercars, which although great to drive in their own right, require a completely different driving technique which I have been working really hard to master.

"What pleased me more than anything and I think impressed the Minardi team, was how quickly I adapted to the car and the environment, not having previously seen the circuit or competed in an open wheeler for nearly five months. I got within one and a half seconds of my quickest lap set at the end of the test on new tyres, on just my second flying lap and that was on old tyres. From the very first lap it just felt totally natural to me. I now feel confident within myself that I am capable of competing at the highest level and together with my supporters, will be making every possible effort to raise the necessary backing to return to Europe and break into F1. As was the case with the likes of Webber and Alonso, if you can shine within your own environment with a team like Minardi, then the opportunities for the future are significant. Of course at this point it is going to require the financial support of some entrepreneurial companies and individuals, but I feel confident that I am personally up to the challenge."