Renault and the WRC

There is talk in rallying circles of Renault becoming involved in a World Rally Championship programme with its new Logan budget car, which is being built in Romania. The car will be going on sale, mainly in developing markets, and will cost only $6500. Renault chairman Louis Schweitzer admitted last summer that the WRC would be ideal for the Logan because the car is designed to be both light and reliable. Renault has competed in the WRC for many years with Alpines, Renault 5s and more recently with the Clio and the Megane. The French firm is currently involved in the Junior WRC with the Clio. The announcement that Citroen and Peugeot are pulling out of the sport is also good news for Renault which will have a clear run at giving the Logan a market in France where the car will be aimed at the young.

It is not thought that the programme will happen unless there are considerable cost-cutting measures in the WRC and if that is the case, it will not affect any decisions about the Formula 1 programme.

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