The future of the British GP

Marc Gene, British GP 2004

Marc Gene, British GP 2004 

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The negotiations over the British Grand Prix have gone quiet in recent days but that does not mean that the problems have all been solved. The teams may have agreed to race at Silverstone but a deal has yet to be struck between Bernie Ecclestone and the British Racing Drivers' Club, which owns the track. The team agreement meant that everyone involved in the event is going to be making a loss but it was felt that it was best to safeguard the traditional races in France and Britain rather than abandon them because they are unable to pay the kind of fees being demanded from tracks which have government backing. According to our sources, however, the numbers still do not add up with the $30m needed by the teams not being met by the money available from the British & French Grands Prix and there are still questions about the date of the two events. It remains to be seen where the additional money will come from with everyone keen that it is someone else who pays. The patience of the teams is however running out as they have accepted a compromise situation and want the others involved to compromise as well.

The question will come to head again on December 9 when the teams meet for a Formula 1 Commission in Monaco. This will be an important event not only in establishing which races occur but also whether or not there will be restrictions on testing and control tyres.

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