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NOVEMBER 22, 2004

Gene and Ferrari

It is anticipated that Ferrari will name Marc Gene as its second test driver shortly. The team is expected to stay with current number one tester Luca Badoer and take on Gene to help him out. The Spaniard has considerable expertise as a tyre tester with BMW Williams and with Michelin but was dropped by Williams this year after two relatively unimpressive races when Ralf Schumacher was injured. Antonio Pizzonia did a better job and is now the main candidate for the second drive in 2005.

Ferrari has not agreed to testing restrictions this year although the value of winning if one tests twice as much as the opposition is questionable. Ferrari seems to have adopted the view that it will not back down to pressure and will take the circumstances as they come. This is fine but that means that whatever is achieved next year will inevitably be undermined.

If Ferrari does agree to go along with the test ban there will be little need for a second test driver as the race drivers will obviously do much of the available testing and Badoer will do the rest. The signing of Gene should therefore be seen as a sign that Ferrari has no plans of backing down.