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NOVEMBER 19, 2004

Button and BAR

Jenson Button is not going to be running away to Williams because BAR is being sold. The company with which Button has a contract has not changed and will not change ownership. If there is a change in the ownership of the holding company it will have no obvious effect on the business and so there will be no reason that Button will try to leave. Button was prevented from leaving BAR earlier this year to return to Williams.

If anything Honda's takeover purchase of a percentage of the team's holding company will result in Button having more of a desire to stay where he is in 2006 as having the might of Honda behind him will perhaps give him an even better chance of a World Championship.

Honda hopes to challenge Ferrari for the World Championship in 2005.

The BAR team will start to build a $16m windtunnel on Monday as part of its plan to take on the Italian team.