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NOVEMBER 15, 2004

No decisions yet on Red Bull Racing drivers

Tony Purnell, the team principal of the new Red Bull Racing says that there is no decision yet as to drivers for the 2005 season.

"There is going to be big speculation over the coming months," he said. "But there are no decisions yet. Red Bull do see the acquisition of the team as a logical conclusion to the Red Bull Junior programme and we are considering experienced drivers as well as Red Bull drivers. We will be testing a few drivers in the weeks ahead."

Purnell refused to say who would be seen in one of the cars but we anticipate that Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi will be two of those involved as both men are Red Bull favourites. There is also speculation that Nick Heidfeld might also get a test. He is a highly-experienced driver, speaks German and is known to Red Bull through his days with the Sauber team. The team is known to be keen on Liuzzi but there are some who feel that the team needs experience.

"I really don't want to get drawn into speculating about drivers," said Purnell. "We have an open mind and have made no decision. We have talked to array a drivers as you would expect."

Purnell praised the team for the way in which it has been through the difficult period since the end of September when Ford announced that the team would be sold.

"Ford has have extremely good about continuing the team as a going concern and a going concern we have been. Frankly it has been business as usual. The atmosphere is really pretty good. David Pitchforth has held it together through difficult months with brilliant leadership. There is no intention to make any great restructuring. Red Bull has bought the team because they believe in the way we have approached F1. Red Bull is a very substantial company and they have not gone into this lightly. They have 10 year experience in F1 and in time they will want to see success."

No-one involved would be drawn on the price of the sale although Purnell did say that "it is a good deal for Red Bull and a good deal for Ford".