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NOVEMBER 15, 2004

Jordan, Arden and such matters

Jordan Grand Prix this morning announced that it has signed a deal to use Toyota engines in 2005. This is good news for the team and good news for the sport. But it does not mean that Jordan tomorrow will be the same as Jordan today. It is no secret in recent months that Eddie Jordan has been talking about selling the team. There have been several groups that have looked at the team but only one seems to have come back: Christian Horner of Arden International. Jordan and Horner have been talking about a deal for two months now and the fact that Jordan has put in an entry for the World Championship is significant in that he must now be committed to running the team with his own money - or confident that the team will sell. Arden does not have to buy Jordan and can go on with its plans in GP2 and wait for another opportunity when F1 costs have been further reduced.

Whether or not Eddie Jordan is willing to put money into the team is another matter and our sources say that he is keener to take money out and go off to find an easier way of living. Jordan, it should be remembered sold 40% of the team back in 1998 for $60m so he has a very healthy nest egg on which to sit and at the age of 56 it might be a good time to do it.

Horner will be 31 tomorrow and is frustrated at not having able to move on, despite having dominated Formula 3000 in recent years.