Glock and Leinders complete Superfund SF01 test

Timo Glock, Superfund SF01

Timo Glock, Superfund SF01 


Timo Glock, 2004 Jordan F1 driver, completed a test of the Superfund SF01 yesterday in Jerez, Spain. On Thursday, Glock completed 40 laps in the afternoon - working on tire evaluation for the upcoming Formula Superfund Championship.

Today the test was conducted by 2004 Minardi F1 test driver, Bas Leinders. Leinders concluded the final day of testing in Jerez, Spain, by completing the first full race distance in the SF01 in preparation of the 2005 Formula Superfund Championship. This included a simulated pit stop and marked the end of a three day car development and tire evaluation.

Glock said, "The SF01 is a very impressive car and is sure to be a good training ground for young drivers looking to make the step up to Formula One. In my experience, it's definitely the closest car to F1 in terms of horsepower as it's an incredibly powerful car. I'm used to traction control in Formula One with less margins for oversteer and understeer but I found a good rhythmn over the course of the session and clocked up 40 laps by the end of play today. We had a successful day assessing tyres and putting miles on the car - I think its looking good for next year."

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