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NOVEMBER 10, 2004

Stoddart confirms Minardi entry for 2005

Paul Stoddart, the boss of Minardi, has entered the team for the 2005 FIA Formula 1 World Championship - despite the fact that he does not yet have an engine deal for the team. Stoddart says that he has entered the team under the name Minardi European to cover the various possibilities of an engine supply. This means that Stoddart is relying on using Cosworth engines, which he will then badge himself. If all goes well these will be the 2004 engines but if all else fails they will be from 2001. Minardi has the older engines available and is capable of running its own engine programme although Stoddart says he would prefer to avoid that because the cars would be well off the pace.

Much now depends on what happens with the sale of Cosworth Racing.

There are currently no indications of a solid deal at Jaguar Racing but we hear increasing rumours that a deal has been struck between Eddie Jordan and Arden International's Christian Horner which will see the Formula 3000 team owner take over the F1 team. This has yet to be confirmed. The Jordan team is expected to get a Toyota engine in 2005 and will probably have to start the year with an interim car, switching to a new model later in the year.