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NOVEMBER 9, 2004

Midland goes looking for Mexican cash

The people behind the new Midland F1 project were in the Champ Car paddock in Mexico City at the weekend and rumour has it that they were in pursuit of some money from Mexico. The Champ Car series is filled with well-heeled Mexican drivers, some of whom have ambitions to become Formula 1 stars.

The man who seems to be in Midland's sights is Mario Dominguez, who has the backing of the Mexican food company Herdez. The firm already has its own Champ Car team, run by former F1 team boss Keith Wiggins but Dominguez is only contracted for two more seasons but there are believed to be doubts as whether Herdez is going to continue pumping money into Champ Cars and with the Mexican GP coming onto the calendar in 2006 (in theory at least) there is an opportunity for an F1 deal. Dominguez is 28 years old and has two Champ Car wins to his credit. He was fifth in the series this year.

"It seems like a very serious project," Dominguez told Mexican pressmen. "I'd like to win a championship here but it's always been my dream to drive in Formula 1."