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NOVEMBER 9, 2004

Ferrari - from the firing pan into the fire

The Ferrari team did not bother to attend the meeting of the Formula 1 team bosses in London today and so it could not take part in the discussions surrounding the subject of testing. The nine teams present decided that they are going to reduce testing in 2005 by 50% working on a voluntary deal. If Ferrari decides not to go along with that agreement the team will be in a better position to win races but you can be sure that each time a Ferrari wins a race, the opposition will be pointing out that it was inevitable because the Italian team has a huge advantage over everyone else. This will obviously not reflect well on Ferrari and will undermine everything the team achieves, while also underlining the fact that the team is standing in the way of cost-cutting in Formula 1.

Ferrari's reaction to this will be very interesting because winning with an obvious advantage is not really winning at all and so the Italian car firm will have to decide whether it wants to go on with its stand against cuts in testing or fall into line with the wishes of everyone else.

The team bosses have also agreed to go ahead with the idea of a control tyre and are planning to call a Formula 1 Commission meeting to get this voted through. Ferrari cannot stop this happening in 2006.