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NOVEMBER 2, 2004

Changes afoot at Carlin

We hear that the onset of the new Midland F1 team will mean some changes at Carlin Motorsport in the months ahead. The latest rumours suggest that the team's Adrian Burgess will be moving up to the role of team manager of the F1 operation, which will be based somewhere in the Oxford area. The team is recruiting and intends to have staff in place by next March and the plan is for a car to be delivered by June so that testing can begin. At the moment it is not clear what engines will be used.

There are rumours that the team's head of engineering Anthony Hyatt is to start his own Formula 3 operation (possibly with Carlin equipment) which will be backed by Kimi Raikkonen, the intention being to run a two-car team with Mercedes-Benz engines in the British Formula 3 series.

None of this is yet confirmed. Nor is there any word on drivers but we would imagine that Anthony Davidson would be high on the Carlin list as a successful Carlin driver in the past and a hugely experienced F1 test driver with BAR-Honda.