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NOVEMBER 1, 2004

Valentino Rossi and Formula 1

MotoGP star Valentino Rossi has often been linked to a switch to four-wheeled racing but it is not going to happen in the immediate future, if at all. Rossi did a test with Ferrari back in the spring and did well but he is under contract with Yamaha for 2005 and already talking about contracts for 2006 and beyond.

Rossi is 25 and has had an amazing career in motorbikes winning the 125cc World title at the age of 18, the 250cc title at 20 and the 500cc title at 22. Since then he has won the MotoGP title for three consecutive years, twice with Honda and this year, incredibly, in his first season with Yamaha. He is the only rider in the history of the sport to have won all three Grand Prix World Championship classes. He has competed in occasional rallies, including Rally GB in 2002 and is interested in car racing but he is not yet ready to give up motorcycle racing and says that 2005 will not be his last season in bike racing.

One interesting thought - albeit completely speculative - would be the possibility of Rossi being involved in the rumoured Repsol Honda team in 2007, this assuming that Honda buys BAT's shares in BAR and a deal is struck with the Spanish oil company. Rossi rode for Repsol Honda in 2002 and 2003 in MotoGP and it would be logical for all concerned to do a deal, perhaps even one which covers both bikes and cars.