Bridgestone Firestone looking at NASCAR

Bridgestone/Firestone is planning to launch a bid to the right to supply NASCAR tyres when the current Goodyear contract runs out in 2007. The company is expected to start testing tyres in the course of 2005 and the suggestion is that the car will be supplied by Toyota, which is planning its own NASCAR bid in 2006. NASCAR has been a single tyre series since 1995 after a tyre war between Goodyear and Hoosier after which it was decided that it was the best course of action on the grounds of safety. This does not mean that NASCAR will not enjoy the benefits of a bidding war for the tyre supply as the coverage gained from NASCAR is very valuable to the tyre company involved.

It is believed that Michelin is also keen to bid for the NASCAR deal, probably via its BF Goodrich subsidiary.

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