A critical moment for Jordan

Nick Heidfeld, European GP 2004

Nick Heidfeld, European GP 2004 

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The next few days will be critical for Jordan Grand Prix and its 200 employees as team boss Eddie Jordan and his staff try to find ways to keep the team going. The team has a variety of possible options with a sale being one possible route forward. The big problem however remains engine supply but the team hopes that by the end of the weekend in Brazil it will know whether or not it can get Toyota engines. Toyota has previously said that it is too late to supply engines to a customer team next year but team boss John Howett says that if it is in the best interests of the F1 community the firm may still help out.

"Toyota is still willing to supply another team," Howett told Grandprix.com, "but only if it is two-race engines next year. It is almost too late but it is not impossible."

Before a deal can be done with Jordan the team will still need to raise money to pay for the engines or find a buyer who is willing to fund the deal. There are believed to be a number of potential buyers talking to the team.

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