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OCTOBER 13, 2004

The World Motor Sport Council decisions

The FIA World Motor Sport Council met in Paris today to discuss the matters of the moment and voted to fine the Hyundai Motor Company $1m for missing four events of the 2003 FIA World Rally Championship and then failing to pay the required financial penalty. The Korean company has until December 1 2004 to pay the bill but it is not clear what will happen if the Koreans decide they are not interested. This is curious given Hyundai's supposed interest in Formula 1.

Of the measures announced (and presumably there is more than has not been announced) the most interesting is the news that Yvon Leon had resigned as President of the FIA-CIK. He has been replaced in his role as Vincent Caro, the executive secretary of the FIA-CIK until a new president is chosen. Karting has been a particular problem in recent months and led to the vote in June in which FIA President Max Mosley.

Leon, an FIA politician since the 1970s, will continue to work for the federation in other capacities, his vast experience and knowledge of how the FIA does business, obviously being a consideration in this decision.