BRDC says no to more cash for FOM

The British Racing Drivers' Club has refused to increased its bid for the British Grand Prix and the ping-pong game of who gets the blame for the demise of the event with the latest statement having lobbed the blame back into Bernie Ecclestone's side of the court.

"The position has not changed," said BRDC president Sir Jackie Stewart on Wednesday. "The offer is still there, it is still on the table and we hope it will be accepted."

The latest suggestion is that Ecclestone is now coming under pressure from the F1 teams to make sure the event happens but his response is to ask them to accept an 18th race, arguing that Britain is cheap for them to do and so does not need that much extra money. Ferrari and Sauber may not agree with the other teams on this as Silverstone is not just down the road for either of them.

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